Why should you spend your hard earned money at Aberdeen Bike rather than at a huge online retailer?  Your money and support of your local bike shop goes directly back into supporting your local cycling community and trails.  Aberdeen Bike was actively involved in making the local DTE mountain bike trail system and cycling paths a reality by developing proposals and attending countless meetings.  Aberdeen Bike was one of the founding board members of the Huron-Waterloo Pathways Initiative which has orchestrated the rapid development of the Border-to-Border Trail in southeast Michigan.  Aberdeen Bike also helped make races such as the Grit and Gravel a reality.  

huron waterloo pathway map.jpg
dte energy trail.png

Aberdeen Bike has supported numerous local organizations through volunteering and donations:

  • Special Olympics
  • Chelsea Library
  • St. Joes Hospital
  • PEAC
  • Faith in Action
  • Chelsea Police Department

Aberdeen Bike does all of these things for the local cycling community on behalf of it's customers.  Your money spent at Aberdeen Bike supports your local cycling community and trail development.  This is why it is so important to support your local bike shop over online retailers.  

Thank you!

Aberdeen Bike