New Riders: What tools and equipment should you take with you on your rides?

Have an organized ride coming up like the One Helluva Ride or Make-a Wish?  Are you unsure of what you should take with you to make sure you are prepared for anything?  Check out this short post for some tips to give you some piece of mind during your ride.


Cyclists should have two air pumps-one for home and one for out on the road or trail.  You should have a floor pump for home which is far easier to use than a travel pump.  A travel pump for mountain bike tires will have a shorter cylinder and be a larger in diameter than a road bike pump.  It is nice to have a flexible hose on your travel pump in case your bike tips over and you break off the valve.  You can also buy a CO2 kit for airing your tires.

floor pump.jpg
bicycle pump.jpg
  • Tubes and a Patch Kit

You will want to carry a couple tubes that are the correct size and have the correct valve.  The Aberdeen staff will be happy to help you get the right tubes for your bike.  In addition to carrying a couple tubes you will want to carry a patch kit with you.  If you patch your tube out on the road replace that tube with a fresh one when you get home.  

patch kit.jpg
  • Tire Levers

Get good tire levers to save yourself from a headache out on the road.  A nice wide tire lever is best.  Have at least two (ideally three) with you out on the road.  Practice at home so you don't have a crash course on removing and replacing a tube out on the road.  

tire levers.jpg
  • Multi-Tool

You should have a multi-tool in case a bolt somehow comes loose or if you need to make an adjustment out on the road.  Some multi-tools come with a chain tool which can really come in handy.  

multi tool.jpg
  • Master Link

It would be a good idea to carry a master link and know how to use it in the unlikely case your chain breaks.  Aberdeen Bike will help you get the right one for your particular chain and give you some pointers on how to use it.  

master link.jpg
  • Seat Bag

You need to get a seat bag to store all of this stuff.  There are all different styles but an expandable one is always a good option that you can cinch down if you don't need the extra space.  

seat pack.jpg

Visit Aberdeen Bike to get help purchasing these items! 

Every Wednesday from 6-7pm a FREE new riders clinic is offered to teach you the basics of bicycle maintenance.