What is the Aberdeen Bike Studio?

The Aberdeen Bike Studio is a fitness program that is utilizing the cycling industry's leading performance training technology.  The Studio allows you to use your own bicycle so you are always able to be training in the same position you ride or race in.  The trainers are electronically controlled to simulate resistance to your fitness level so you can experience the most realistic conditions indoors.  Your rides will be based on FTP (Functional Threshold Power) for training.  We also have the ability to develop work-out programs for individuals so they can reach their goals.  We can also share your data if you are an athlete working with a coach.  

You can view the class calendar and reserve your spot by clicking the button below. You will need to create a login and search for the Aberdeen Studio. You can buy season passes, unlimited monthly passes and individual passes below. Please call and schedule an FTP test before your first class.

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What is FTP?

Functional threshold power (FTP) represents your ability to sustain the highest possible power output over 60 minutes, whether you are a trained athlete or not.  As your fitness level improves so does FTP.  You will see your numbers improve over time as you train.  

How do I find out my FTP?

At Aberdeen Bike we schedule a 20 minute test (after a warm-up) that gives us the information needed to calculate FTP and set up the proper workout for you.  We ask that you contact us so we can schedule the best time for your personal test.  

All classes include:

  • FTP test

  • plan to follow while you train

  • daily ride performance chart

  • monthly plan review

  • bike storage-no need to bring your bike back and forth

  • your bike will be set up on the trainer and ready for class when you arrive

  • your bike will be removed and cleaned and adjusted for the next ride