Cabin Fever Series

Alexey Vermeulen

Professional Cyclist  

February 22nd at 6:30pm


Aberdeen Bike is proud to present Professional Cyclist Alexey Vermeulen as a speaker at our Cabin Fever Series!

He will speak about

  •  Transitioning from road to trail riding and competing

  • The differences in training

  • training regimens from nutrition to yoga

  • Bianchi USA sponsors Alexey Vermeulen as a Professional Mountain Bike racer

Al Newman-Cyclist Extraordinaire

March 1st at 6:30pm


 Aberdeen Bike is proud to present World Traveling Cyclist Al Newman as a speaker at our Cabin Fever Series!

He will speak about:

  • Riding on every continent

  • His ride in Africa was amazing and everyone will enjoy his recount

  • Preparation for all rides and necessary gear

  • Whats Next? 

 Elaine Economou

MOVE Wellness Studios Co-Founder, President & CEO, Instructor Trainer & Coach

March 15th 6:30pm

unnamed (1).jpg

 Aberdeen Bike is proud to present:

Co Founder and CEO of Move Wellness. Elaine and the whole staff at Move offer a different approach to wellness that appeals to us at Aberdeen Bike. We believe they offer services that can improve performance and extend riders mileage while improving their overall health. 

She will cover the following topics and how they relate to everyone individually. 

  • Mind Body movement systems explained (Pilates, yoga and the Gyrotonic Expansion System) & strategies to facilitate doing what you love to do... longer.  

  • Movement heals - using these systems for injury prevention and rehabilitation, find increased mobility & balanced strengthening.  

  • How to handle setbacks/injuries and the best transition back to doing the things we love. . 

  • Lastly - lets talk about Fascia - what it is (and what it is not) and what people need to know. How does movement work the fascial system to keep you healthy. Why it matters more than you know.  

William R Lee, MD


March 22nd at 6:30pm

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Nonsurgical Orthopedic Care

The Mindful Orthopedic Institute (MOI) in Chelsea, Michigan is focused on the personalized, nonsurgical treatment of orthopedic diseases affecting the spine, upper and lower extremities in adolescents and adults.

Our Approach

Dr. William Lee's method of treatment integrates traditional orthopedic interventions with a new method of walking which we refer to as Deliberate Walking. Deliberate Walking simulates habitual barefoot walking and running. The method involves a three-pronged approach incorporating education, practice, and sharing, centered around mindfulness. Change the way you walk and run, and you will feel better.

The method works for joint pain, arthritis, muscle weakness, joint instability, imbalance with fear of falling, overuse injuries and many other conditions. Traditional orthopedic interventions, including medications, injections, physical therapy, and orthotics/prosthetics, are discussed as treatment options. This approach is ideal for people motivated to avoid surgery as well as a way to prepare for and recovery from surgery with better surgical outcomes. Deliberate Walking empowers better health, fitness, and well-being, with less time, expense, and surgery.

Third Annual Garage Sale

garage sale.jpg

 This is our third annual Garage Sale. We have been accumulating a ton of stuff for the past year and it all has to go! Lots of new and used bikes,  some vintage bikes, vintage Posters, cycling clothing, triathlon clothing, road and mountain wheels. We need to make room for the 2019 season!

Watch our Facebook site for items that will be for sale.